What is the good phone data line? A figure seconds to understand

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Mobile phone data line who can not leave, but the sense of existence seems very low, most people are holding with a good attitude, but a data line is good or bad, can greatly affect your experience.

What is the good data line in the end? Meizu technology today released a science map, in simple terms to answer this question.

What is the good phone data line? A figure seconds to understand

First in the wire, the better the data line, the internal wire will be thicker, you can through a larger current, while there will be aluminum foil shield and metal braid, to ensure stability.

Second, in terms of length, we often want the data line is long enough, but the longer the data line, the greater the line resistance will be, the more current loss, so the shorter the data line, the higher the charging efficiency, line noise The rate will be lower.

On the interface, a good data cable will have a thicker gold-plated layer on the contacts, which improves stability and longevity, regardless of charging efficiency.

In addition, with the increase in equipment around people, all-in-one data lines are becoming more and more popular, and can simultaneously charge microUSB, Type-C, Lightning devices, but this generally does not support data transmission, or only one of the interface transfer data.

In general, the preferred original data cable, the third party on the election of the more coarse, not so long, more equipment on the preparation of multiple or with a transfer interface.